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Records management software for law firms

In 2017 FileTrail demonstrated that it has a great solution for the legal industry. Thanks to our modern 100% browser-based design and custom IG policy management tools, FileTrail has become their de facto solution. In fact, last year the number of AmLaw 100 and 200 firms using FileTrail increased by 35%!

To learn how law firms are using FileTrail, downloading our three latest case studies.

We’re unveiling a groundbreaking IG tool

Next week, we’ll be at Legaltech, New York, showing off our newest product Governance Policy Suite (GPS), which is designed to make executing your information governance (IG) policies easier than it would ever be to carry them out manually. With GPS, you can automate every step of document review and disposition to guarantee compliance for both internal policies and outside counsel guidelines (OCG.)

GPS at-a-glance

A comprehensive IG solution, FileTrail GPS ensures documents never slip through the cracks.

  • Auto-classify and apply retention policies to documents at the time of creation
  • Manage IG and monitor progress in real-time with an actionable dashboard
  • Automate the review and disposition process with built-in workflows
  • Forecast dispositions to reveal the hard-dollar value of retention and future savings
  • Ensure compliance and defensible disposition with advanced audit reporting tools

If you want to learn more about GPS firsthand, then make an appointment for a personalized demo and meet us at the Legaltech conference in New York, January 30 – February 1, 2018, booth #531.

Not attending Legaltech? We’d still love to show you a FileTrail demo. Contact us to set up an appointment.

What else is happening in 2018?

The year is off to a tremendous start. Lately FileTrail’s records management software is the talk of the industry – in both the U.S. and Europe.

Another software release: Connectors

Recently, FileTrail released new connectors for law firms looking to integrate their records management and document management platforms. Law firms using NetDocuments, iManage (versions 5 through 10) and OpenText eDOCS can now use FileTrail connectors to allow users access to physical records without leaving their DMS.

When this news was released a few weeks ago, it was picked up widely in the press. See the news here:

Legaltech & FileTrail

Recently Legaltech asked FileTrail’s CEO, Darrell Merveau, for his expertise on trends in the coming year. His response highlights the importance of properly executing IG policies and the numerous difficulties entailed. According to Merveau, the issue of retention is only going to become more important in the year ahead. Read what he had to say in 10 Predictions for What 2018 Will Bring for Legal Tech.



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