FileTrail and Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough, LLP, Sign a New Deal!

FileTrail is proud to announce that we recently signed a multi-year contract with South Carolina-based law firm Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough, LLP. With 17 offices and over 500 attorneys, the firm explored several possible records management options before choosing FileTrail to ensure that its next records management solution aligned with its software needs.

Great news travels fast

We’re not the only ones excited about the news. Even though we only made the announcement yesterday, Legal IT has already picked up the story. They reported that Nelson Mullins is working with FileTrail to manage its physical records and its IG policies, as well as retention and disposition workflows for both electronic and physical records.

What makes this deal so important? It signifies that large law firms really understand how important it is for their next records management solution to integrate key software and tools.

FileTrail beats the competition

After attending a few InOutsource/FileTrail webinars and doing extensive research into integration capabilities, FileTrail came out on top. According to John Churchill, Nelson Mullins’ Records Department Manager:

“Our team did a lot of research to find a records management solution to replace LegalKey, which isn’t fully supported anymore. We needed to move to something that was more dynamic—something that was specifically designed to meet the needs of a large law firm. FileTrail really fit the bill.”

A key area where FileTrail stood out was its integration capabilities. Here’s what David Worth, Nelson Mullins’ CIO had to say:

“After evaluating numerous solutions, we kept coming back to FileTrail. In addition to its focus on law firms, what really made it stand out from the competition was its integration with NetDocuments. While other records management solutions were only in the process of developing that functionality, FileTrail had a long-time relationship with them. That integration was its biggest selling point. FileTrail’s interface is very similar to NetDocuments, which will make it easy to use right from the start.”

Transitioning to FileTrail is easy

Implementation is a big concern for transitioning to a new system. That’s not a problem when law firms deploy FileTrail, according to Churchill:

“The plan for deployment seems very well organized. FileTrail and InOutSource have laid out the timetable for the configuration and design phases, as well as the importing of client matters, data mapping and testing.”   

Another factor that eases the transition is FileTrail’s extensive built-in functionality. A number of custom-built tools for law firms enable many firms to eliminate multiple tools. Said Torie Carrillo, Nelson Mullins’ Application Manager:

“As we transition out of LegalKey, we are looking at alternatives for both our conflicts management and ethical wall software products. Moving forward, we are excited about FileTrail’s integration with so many legal software solutions.”

Churchill is also looking forward to using law firm-focused tools:

“Our firm is pretty advanced in terms of the development of our policies and procedures and our ability to apply them to retention and disposition workflows. One of the tools we’re looking forward to trying is FileTrail’s policy management tool. Managing all our physical and electronic files in a central location is an exciting possibility.”

The best choice for law firms looking for a new records management solution

FileTrail uses the latest technology, can integrate with any DM in the legal space, and has a variety of unmatched IG features. The other option is older technology, which still requires desktop installation and is only just now starting to explore integrating IG requirements. Before you replace your outdated records management system, you should really ask yourself: “Why replace an old system with another old system?”

To learn about important criteria to keep in mind when selecting your next records management system, sign up for our upcoming ILTA webinar: “What are the Must-Have Requirements for Your New RMS System?”

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